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Carrie Dryden

Managing Director

Carrie Dryden, with her team have extensive recruitment experience in majority of industries.
Carrie has come from a background in management and indepth recruitment knowledge. She prides herself in doing permanent recruitment with excellence and has had the privilege of placing positions on all levels and meeting people from all walks of life.

Her passion is making a positive impact on business and people’s career paths!
It’s all about placing excellent candidates in businesses that value their employees and in turn provide high standards that promote business growth.

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About Me

Debbie West

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Debbie has been in the recruitment industry for just over 15 years.  She started her recruitment career in the Temporary Recruitment Division, then moved over to the IT Sector working in Cape Town. 

She relocated in 2011 to PE to start an IT Recruitment Branch for the same company & later moved to doing general recruitment across the board.  Her focus was on artisans, pharmaceutical, IT & production/manufacturing divisions, ranging from Junior to more Senior roles including Managing Director roles/Management roles.  

I am passionate about recruitment as there is always something new to learn especially in the IT Sector but no day is ever the same.  There is nothing like placing a candidate who you know is going to thrive in their new role & environment. A happy employee will always contribute to making any business a success, it’s a life changing experience. 

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About Me

Gitte Wiseman

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Gitte has now been in recruitment for 17 years working across the board on all positions and focussing on positions from Artisan level to Plant Manager, Finance Clerk to CFO and Senior Management. 

The aim of finding the right person for the job has her driving force through the years. She feels a happy employee becomes a happy parent and the circle of working life is then fulfilled.  If an agency can support clients and candidates in their search with clear and experienced advice, then we have done our job well and we have proved this through the years.

As a younger mother she ran the Tuckshop for the school which her boys attended in Cape Town.  She had also worked for a Promotions company and the Cape Times in organising Business Breakfasts at the Mount Nelson Hotel before moving back to Port Elizabeth which was her home town.

Starting afresh at the age of 47, Gitte ventured into Recruitment quite by chance.  In facing the needs of clients and candidates then, she has been able to offer sincere and professional assistance to all.

About Me

Marochelle Geldenhuys

Recruitment Consultant

For most of us it takes different positions to realize what we don’t like in order too eventually find something that makes us want to get up each morning and head to work. Once you find that inspiration and motivation to love your work there is nothing can stop you from thriving. 


She loves the level of influence and direct impact on others’ lives. She gets excited seeing people getting a great job, companies hiring and knowing that she has helped both sides. Successfully completing the full recruitment cycle in finding the perfect position for the perfect candidate!

She loves Recruitment because every day is different and exciting. She gets excited building relationships with clients and candidates. Marochelle is a people’s person and enjoys meeting and engaging with people from different backgrounds and learning about what motivates each individual.

About Me

Kyle Hugo

Recruitment Administrator

Kyle has completed an Honours degree in Psychology and has a drive to help others. His other passions include basketball, animals and finding the next great series to watch.

Being in a position to help others find work is something that Kyle finds to be fulfilling. It brings a person a sense of satisfaction seeing others succeed at their passion and knowing that you helped them achieve that.

Being on the recruitment side of things, Kyle has seen a new side to job hunting. He feels that he is growing and learning something new every day while in his position. It is interesting to meet so many different people in the job and being able to interact with them in an impactful way.