TopVitae Recruitment AI for candidates

There has been a lot of hype around AI and how it is revolutionizing various industries and is starting to make an impact on how recruiters shortlist candidates for job vacancies. A lot of the recruitment agencies are using software that have certain AI features to assist in their short-listing processes. Here are some valuable tips as to how candidates can use this to their advantage:

  1. Patience in the Registration Process: Take your time when registering on our recruitment portal, the more information filled in on the registration page the better. The system relies on detailed information to accurately assess a profile.
  2. Write an AI -Friendly CV – Specific tips for this are using relevant keywords, detailed duties in your job description, an accurate job history, quantifiable achievements, detailed qualifications and specialized skill set relevant to the job. It is about been specific and accurate.
  3. Better Matching – Detailed applications lead to better job matching and higher chances of securing an interview.

Providing detailed information helps our Team at Top Vitae Recruitment and our AI system understand your background and qualifications better. This can significantly improve your chances of moving forward in the hiring process!